Welcome to the next level in conscious events..

A Ceremonial & Medicinal Grade Dance Experience ♥

Workshops start with an opening circle, brief guided meditation and creation of intentionality. We then move from ambient and acoustic through waves of dance to an ecstatic crescendo. The dance gently lands with a shavasna style sound healing meditation.

The focused intention and dynamic energy created within the dance, is channeled into a deep healing & personally transformative experience. A sacred space is created so we can explore our connection to the synchronous nature of everything, our place in this great mystery and most importantly gain an authentic experience of our true selves.

‘As we practice connecting to our deepest bliss, we resonate and flow with divine purpose’  – The benefits of this include, becoming more alive, blissfully aware, joy-full, at one and in peace.

We are the Ceremony, Music is Medicine!

To All the E Dancers, High Vibers, LightWorkers & Love Lovers!
Blessed Be Our Divine Goddess, Dear Mother Earth,
And all those who call her home.
This dance is a calling, A Prayer
To Peace, Harmony & Heart connection
May it assist us in fully realising Our Oneness,
Our resonance with divinity,
And connect us, to our highest joy ♥

Dance, Dissolve, Connect, Become
We Welcome You, Come Dance your Dreams ♥

Ecstatic Dance is a leading light in the global movement towards High Vibe living! High Vibe is a lifestyle defined by those places accessed above and beyond the use of alcohol or recreational drugs.

Quality dance music, intentionality, ceremony & good vibes provide connection to an abundant essence & access to transformational & visionary pathways.

Ecstatic Dance its a free form practice with no right or wrong way of being. It’s accessible at all levels & abilities.

To support this ecstatic process we have some simple guidelines, which help you to receive greatest benefit from your experience. These being:

  • Dancing barefoot (socks can be used if required)
  • Drug and alcohol free space
  • Talk free dance floor (supports deeper connection)

Communicating by any other means is encouraged and not obligatory. e.g. eye contact, body language, contact improv, hugs, smiles, et al.

Be yourself 🙂


  • Reusable water bottle
  • Intentions if you feel inspired
  • Your dancing feet


  • Your favourite dancing clothes

Ecstatic Dance is inclusive & child friendly (ear defenders & mindful supervision is advised)