As well as being a deejay for all his adult life, for the last 17 years Benjamin has been working as a curendero & shamanic practitioner. This path of healing, sharing and discovery has taken him from the Amazon Rainforests to Andes and Himalayan mountains, from urban jungles and African savannahs, to tropical havens. Facilitating workshops, retreats & trainings around the globe has also given him rare opportunity and insight, co-creating and learning from a broad spectrum of planet earth’s dwellers.

Born in London he’s been active player in the evolution of dance music, both as promoter and performer. Growing up in the city where EDM evolved into a global phenomena, he honed his skills on the UK underground, going on to play festivals & dance events around the world.

His Ecstatic Shamanic workshops are a combination of his deep life experience and carefully developed skills. He intuitively creates a welcoming and safe container, drawing on and mixing his skill to create a fun, accessible and exciting transformational conscious dance experience.

Benjamin currently holds Ecstatic Dance residencies at his monthly and Quantum Shift events in London and at The Source, Goa, India. He also hold residencies at Buddhafield and Into the Wild Festivals (UK) and can also be found creating ceremony and rocking ecstatic dance floors & conscious festivals around the planet. 

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